Important Instructions

The above-mentioned delivery times and prices apply, but when ordering daily free shipping, the following provisions apply. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, customers should expect an extra 2-3 weeks delay in their orders. Both directions, on the other hand, must be sent and received. We schedule and place orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week. . Please be informed that the delay is due to unforeseen circumstances. We want to continue to provide you with the best service possible and ensure that you are fully aware of the situation. Your health takes precedence over every product. Please keep yourself safe and check out our website for more updates. Orders are delivered free of charge all over the world. Inventory products are usually dispatched within 2-4 business days. There are no restrictions on the size or number of orders that can be placed.

Please allow at least 2-4 business days for order delivery

Almost all countries have a delivery time of 3-4 days (excluding processing time). Within 25 days of placing your order, you will receive a tracking code along with your order confirmation and shipping email, which you can monitor online from anywhere. Your orders will be sent to your address. If your order has not arrived and the tracking code says "delivered," you can check the status of your order at your local post office.